All The Colors Of The Dark

From the Comic Vaults

Originally presented in the 1974 issue of Creepy #59

Season's Greetings

Well we went from Halloween straight on into Christmas here at the October Country, taking our longest break ever throughout the month of November and the later half of October. So, an apology is an order for all our faithful readers that were expecting us to continue with our Halloween countdown. I'm sorry. Perhaps no one was more disappointed that we didn't see it through till the end than I, considering that I had been gearing up for it for the better part of six months. Even with that sort of preparation, there remained one unavoidable fly in the ointment that could (and did) swoop in to fuck it all up: my rather vexing anxiety / panic disorder. Looking back now, I wonder to myself how I could possibly conceive that it be possible that I spend an average of 5 or more hours a day on the countdown when my little handicap has made it so I can't even sit still, or think straight, or breath for the majority of my day. I can only hope that I have better luck next year pulling it off.

So here we are at December now and I have to ask myself if I'm making another one of my "We're back....again" declarations and the answer would be no, sadly. Unfortunately your host has fallen on some incredibly dark days due to, you guessed it, his anxiety disorder and it is currently troublesome enough that I just do not have the physical or emotional capabilities, to keep up with the site the way that I'd like to. So for now, slow and steady wins the race I guess. We'll be rolling out things when I have good, stable days. Nothing gargantuan is in the works until things are bit more back on track around here. Sorry to disappoint dear readers, but you're continued support and sojourns into our little corner of the web means the world to us. Really. Okay, enough personal claptrap, onwards we go.
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