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Gallow Walker

Thirsty #2


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About the Artist

(In her own words)
I am a young entrepreneur living in San Diego, California. Self-taught in photography and graphic design, I have been working with my freelance project, Stuck with Pins, since 2004. As a male-dominated industry, the commercial art world lacks pioneering female talent; Connoisseur of zombie movies, I’m bringing sexy back.

You may visit Corinne's official website Stuckwithpins.com by clicking here.


We Will Return After These Brief Messages

Yeah I know, believe me I know, it's that time again when The October Country is going off the air for a short period of time (it seems like it is always something). Not too long mind you, but I felt that I should acknowledge the lack of updates by now. Your humble host has fallen on hard times of late (I suffer from a pretty crippling anxiety / panic disorder and we'll leave it at that). So, for the better part of this last month the method of approach to combating this issue has been (in conjuncture with new meds), lots and lots of rest and relaxation and the minimizing of stress however possible. And yes, running The October Country, as much as it is a true labor of love, is often times stressful (pulling ones hair out because an article or review isn't going as intended is certainly not a walk in the park). The bottom line right now for me is getting better as quickly as possible. I miss contributing to the genre in my own little way. I miss this little home away from home. I miss you, dear readers. I miss the whole experience of being a horror blogger.

But before I go, I have just a few more things to address quickly. First and foremost, I must send a big heartfelt thank you to Billy Loves Stu's Pax Romano. Actually, I can't thank him enough. Besides all the other amazing things the man has done for me and this site, amidst a very public breakdown online over the aforementioned anxiety, Pax took me aside and talked to me and listened and listened and listened some more. His advice, his concern and his general support was immensely appreciated. In fact, I credit him along with a few other close friends with giving me the support I needed to finally get some help and get my conditioned treated. You're a great man Pax Romano, and I shall not soon forget it.

The other two small pieces of business concern The October Country on Facebook. While not wanting to remain completely static nor wanting to just post filler here until I can get back to writing, I tried to keep some momentum by starting a little October Country page on Facebook, which you can "like" by going here. Also, I have a public profile connected to all this horror business that you may visit here if you so wish. Feel free to friend me and say hi. Okay, I think that that is all. So wish me luck. Hopefully I'll be all better soon and back to business before you know it. See ya then.



Animal Collective - Peacebone

You'd have to be living under a rock to have not at least heard the name Animal Collective over the past few years, Baltimore Maryland's experimental rock trendsetters. The band, consisting of Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz) have tore up the college rock scene for the better half of a decade and they don't appear to be slowing down. People seem to love them and hate them an equal measure, as their noisy, everything and the kitchen sink approach to their material leaves a lot feeling overwhelmed with the sheer bombasity of it all, while others rejoice in their consistent unconventionality. You'll find us here at The October Country in the latter camp.

The music video for Peacebone, off of their 2007 album Strawberry Jam. finds the band in typical weird form. Directed by Timothy Saccenti, the video comes across as a Frank Henenlotter-esque meet-cute romance if the courting couple in question happened to be the slimy, snarling creature from John Gulager's Feast and some escapee from David Lynch's Red Room with H.R. Giger's embryonic xenomorph in tow. Whew. And yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds.
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