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Dispatches From The Underground

It's not news to anyone that the very best of science fiction tales, whether they been cinematic endeavors, those of literature or any other form of storytelling, present to us the audience, a world fantastical beyond our wildest dreams and yet wholly recognizable as our own. Which is precisely what award winning director Grzegorz Jonkajtys (The Ark, Official Selection - Cannes Film Festival, Best of Show - SIGGRAPH 2007, and Mantis) has achieved with his stunningly beautiful and hauntingly realized short film, The 3rd Letter. Set amidst a distinctive, dystopian backdrop where humans utterly and completely depend upon bio-mechanical alterations to their bodies to withstand our world's deteriorating climate, The 3rd Letter manages (in it's brief running time) to not only come off as a lost Cronenberg-esque masterpiece (with shades of that director's eXistenZ aplenty), but catches it's viewer completely unawares with not only it's dark elegance, but it's wholly identifiable horror; Class disparities between the haves and the have-nots, unavailable medical treatment to those less financially fortunate and a gray, sickened world slowly decaying from humanity's very presence in it. It's a grimly gorgeous, wow-worthy 15 minutes and fully deserving of your time.

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