La Petite Mort - Zombie Special

The Darkest Day Of Horror The World Has Ever Known

In celebration of the 43 year anniversary of the premiere of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead today, and the beginning of one of horror cinema's greatest trilogies ever to grace our screen (not to mention the first day of October and the start of our month long Halloween countdown), we here at The October Country are proud to present these darkly beautiful and strikingly powerful homages to Romero's world of the undead. All together now folks: "lock n' load and get 'em in the head."

"In the cold room at the University, we had a cadaver, a cadaver from which all limbs had been amputated. Some time early this morning, it opened its eyes and began to move its trunk. It was dead, but it opened its ey
es and tried to move!"

"They have to be rewarded. That is the solution. We have to control them so they will not kill and eat us."

"It's really all over... isn't it?"

"We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn't going to solve anything."

"Don't do it until you are sure I am coming back! I'm gonna try... not to... I'm gonna try... not to... come back. I'm gonna try... not to..."

"I'm running this monkey farm now Frankenstein and I wanna know... what the fuck you're doing with my time? "

"I ought to drag you out there and FEED you to those things!"

"Something my granddad used to tell us. You know Macumba? Voodoo. My granddad was a priest in Trinidad. He used to tell us, 'When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.'"

"What the fuck is wrong with you people? They're dead! They're fuckin' dead!"

"That's my point! There's not going to be five, or even ten! There's going to be twenty, thirty, maybe a hundred of those things, and as soon as they find out we're here, this place'll be crawling with them!"

"What are the choices? They won't run out of food, that's the problem you see. And they won't run out of food as long as we're still alive. "

"It wants me! It wants food! But it has no stomach, can take no nourishment from what it ingests. It's acting on INSTINCT!"

"And I'm telling you they turned over our car! We were damn lucky to get away at all! Now you're telling me these things can't get through a lousy pile of wood? "

"Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!"

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