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Unless you did some real digging into the farthest, dustiest corners of the web, you'd think that besides Arbor Day, Emma M. Nutt Day and National Beheading Day (wait, what...awesome) Halloween is one of the most sadly neglected holidays to have any sonic representation. Unlike Christmas, whose season produces enough music on a yearly basis to place an unsold copy or two of some boy band's rendition of Silent Night in every home on the planet, Halloween seemingly gets shafted time and time again with nothing other than cheaply produced CDs priced at $5 found at the checkout aisle in Walgreens. We've all heard Monster Mash one hundred times and we're all sick to death of it. "Surely," the discriminating Halloween lover asks himself "there has got to be better pickings then these same 10 songs on the same discs ever single season!" Well luckily for you, not only are you right but you've come to the right place. For the entirety of the month of October as part of our countdown to Halloween, we here at The October Country are going to be giving you dear readers, who can't stomach hearing The Purple People Eater one more time (lest you become completely unglued and pick up the nearest sharp implement and start stabbing in all directions), the opportunity to scoop up the very best in obscure, vintage music that couldn't be called anything other (or less cool) than "monster rock". By the time the clock strikes 12 midnight on October 31st, you should have enough music to throw a weekend long Halloween Party (or enough to fill your autumn tinted days and cloudy, spooky nights until then...it's the only music we listen to during this time of year). Oh. and don't even get me started on the Halloween themed horror film scores that should start popping up on these pages in the next few days. Lastly, before our month long countdown finishes, we are going to be unveiling two special albums (or mixtapes if you will) specially compiled for The October Country's dedicated readers. One album will consist of additional "monster rock" not collected on any other albums and the second release will act as an instrumental alternative to the standard (and yet again, tired and boring and played out) "special effects" albums that are seemingly nothing more than rattling chains and ghostly wails that most play on their front stoop during trick or treat. Keep checking back here for all your Halloween music needs.

Today's we've got three offerings from Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, a fictional studio creation designed to profit off the "Monster Kid" generation of the early 1960's; Shock! Terror! Fear!, Ghoul Music and Monster Melodies. The Frankie Stein formula was as simple as it was brilliant; cool low budget horror cover art, creepy sounding song names with a suggested dance listing after the title ("Hully Gully, Frug"), and spooky sound effects laid on top of the actual music (which was a potpourri of twist & beat numbers that sometimes had frightful compositional overtones & sometimes didn't).

Ghoul Music

1. What Kind of Ghoul am I?
2. Mummy's Little Boy
3. Good Noose
4. The Wrist Twist
5. Shoot-A-Nanny
6. Elbow Twist
7. Fly Me to the Goon
8. Chained
9. A Taste of Poison
10. Monster Motion

"Everybody twist! Ah ha ha ha! Twist!"

Monster Melodies

1. Doctor Spook
2. In a Groovy Grave
3. Frog Frug
4. Melancholy Monster
5. Haunted Mouse
6. Ghoulish Heart
7. Dressed to Kill
8. All Choked Up
9. Swingin' Head
10. Ain't Got No Body


Shock! Terror! Fear!

1. Who's Afraid of the Weirdo Wolf
2. Bodies Under the Bridge
3. Slay Boy
4. Horror Staccato
5. Ankle Twist
6. Doom at Midnight
7. Stoned
8. Stoned Again
9. The Ghostman Rings Twice
10. Doomsday

"La la la la la. Ouch! La la la la la. Ow!"

*Available during the month of October only. All the downloads on here are for evaluation/preview purposes and if you download something that you like, then you should buy the DVD, CD, tape, or vinyl it comes from if it's available. Thanks

**Special thanks to Scar Stuff, without whom I may never have come across these.

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