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18 year old Julie (Rachel Bright) is used to babysitting for pocket money but terribly bored by the children she has to take care of, finds that this particular evening is different: several times during the course of the night, Dorothy, the little girl she's looking after, behaves oddly, screaming from her bedroom. Each time, Julie puts her back to bed, comforting her by telling her it's just a nightmare... Or is it?

Coming across as a marriage between EC Comic's famous strip And All Through the House (later adapted rather famously by Robert Zemeckis for television's Tales From the Crypt) and the only worthwhile segment (Tabitha), from 2009's anthology Amusement, Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Macé's Red Balloon does just enough with the tried and true babysitter in peril tropes to raise the appropriate amount of hairs on one's arm. Yeah, we've kinda seen this story a dozen or so times before and yeah you'll probably guess the twist if your paying enough close attention. But does that make the journey any less spine tingling when done effectively? No.

Working in the world of post-production visual effects, directors Wajsbrot and Macé' make their directorial debut with Red Balloon, shooting the film on RedCam 4K, admirably mastering many challenging CGI shots and all with just a team of 30 professionals backing them (including Danny Boyle's colorist Jean Clement Soret on grading). Red Balloon has been officially selected for screenings in over twenty-one film festivals, including the Palm Springs International ShortFest, Festival De Cannes Short Film Corner, Festival international de Clermont-Ferrand, Festival International Du Film Fantastique de Gerardmer and recently won the Directorial Discovery Award at Rhodes Island Horror Film Festival. So lock all your doors because The October Country is now proud to present to you Red Balloon.

RED BALLOON by Red_Balloon_the_movie

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