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For 24 Hours Only, The Psycho Film Scores

Director Alfred Hitchcock has left behind many legacies. But none may be as influential to the horror genre than that of the Psycho legacy (so much so in fact that a documentary of the same name was recently released by director Robert V. Galluzzo). Adapted nearly verbatim from the novel written by the master of macabre Robert Bloch (itself inspired by the real life murders surrounding serial killer and necrophiliac Ed Gein), the ripple effects of Psycho, the "first" slasher film, can be felt to this day. Influencing everything from John Carpenter's Halloween and all the masked madmen that followed not to mention our ideas of maniacs and their motives, Psycho's icy fingertips are still felt whenever you close the shower curtain, alone and vulnerable. Every time you pass that dilapidated, lonely motel off the highway. But as is the case here, every time someone conjures up a frightening image or scenario in their head, it isn't hard to hear the shrieking, shrill, stabbing strings of composer Bernard Herrmann's classic film score bringing said imagery to life. The soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho has become synonymous with terror the world over and we here at The October Country are thrilled to celebrate Alfred Hitchock's 101 birthday by celebrating the sonic universe of what is arguably his most famed and feared creation, Psycho and it's attendant lunatic, Norman Bates (er, "Mother"), one of cinema's most beloved (and loveable) psychopaths. From Herrmann's initial score, to Jerry Goldsmith's dreamy, early eighties interpretation with Psycho II, to Carter Burwell's stark, very eighties interpretation in Psycho III, right back to Graeme Revell's honoring of the original music (and where everything began for poor Norman) in Psycho IV: The Beginning (sadly, never released to CD). Our suggestion? Play them loud when you step into the shower tonight.


1. Prelude
2. The City
3. Marion
4. Marion and Sam
5. Temptation
6. Flight
7. The Patrol Car

8. The Car Lot
9. The Package

10. The Rainstorm
11. Hotel Room
12. The Window
13. The Parlour
14. The Madhouse
15. The Peephole

16. The Bathroom
17. The Murder
18. The Body
19. The Office
20. The Curtain
21. The Water

22. The Car
23. Clean Up
24. The Swamp
25. The Search
26. The Shadow
27. Phone Booth
28. The Porch

29. The Stairs
30. The Knife
31. The Search (B)
32. The First Floor

33. Cabin 10
34. Cabin 1

35. The Hill
36. The Bedroom
37. The Toys
38. The Cellar
39. Discovery

40. Finale

"Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!"

Psycho II

1. The Murder
2. Main Title
3. Don't Take Me
4. Mother's Room
5. It's Not Your Mother
6. New Furniture
7. The Cellar
8. Blood Bath
9. End Title

"Mary, I'm becoming confused again, aren't I?"

Psycho III

1. Maureen In the Desert
2. Before and After Shower
3. Warm As a Cry For Help
4. Sisters / Catherine Mary
5. Mother
6. Bad Boys and Body Bags
7. Revenge of a Thankless Child
8. Electroshock Waiting Room
9. Dirty Street
10. Scream of Love (Psycho III Theme Song)
11. Scream of Love (Alt. Version)
12. Scream of Love (Extended Version)
13. Scream of Love (Version C)
14. Scream of Love (Film Cut)

"Kill her, boy. Get her! Just like the others! Get her!"

Psycho IV: The Beginning

Never released on CD, the soundtrack to Psycho IV: The Beginning is comprised of composer Graeme Revell's recor
ding sessions. There is no existing track list, but the album contains 47 pieces, retelling Bernard Herrmann's haunting and masterful score. Enjoy this rarity dear readers.

"Oh, I've killed before, and now I'm gonna have to kill again."

The late Bernard Herrmann's original score manuscript for Psycho.

*Editor's Note:
All the downloads on here are for evaluation/preview purposes and if you download something that you like, then you should buy the DVD, CD, tape, or vinyl it comes from. Thanks

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