It's My Birfday!!!!

I've turned the big 3-0 today, something I use to be looking forward to but now find myself greeting the occasion with suspicion and weariness. Last night, I spent my last hours as a twenty-something in bed reading the latest issue of Horror Hound (what's with all the typos this month) and started off this new leg of my life's journey by over-stuffing myself with stir fry leftovers when the clock struck 12 midnight. Being a geek and having an I-ate-too-much tummy ache, initially two things I found rather anti climatic until I reflected that no, they were completely keeping within my character. Anyway, this means that I am also overdoing the cheesecake for breakfast, having dinner with friends (at Las Lomas, mwah!) later on this evening and then hosting the aforementioned peeps back here at the house for a horror movie marathon (the movies of which, have yet to be finalized...Bad Biology, Street Trash or maybe Piranha 3-D in glorious 2-D, I'm going for crowd pleasers here, suggestions?). This also means that due to the weekend's festivities, I probably won't get to too many updates for The October Country, but we'll be back in full swing before ya know it. Until then, take care dear readers and we'll see you soon!Your too-excited host, who really likes gifts.

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