Raise A Glass Of Chianti

The Silence of the Lambs turns 20 today! Yeah that's right, it's Silence's 20th Anniversary. I can't believe that this film has been around so long. Whats more, I had completely forgotten that it was released on Valentines Day (I remember that it's sequel Hannibal was though), a stroke of genius counterprogramming comparable to releasing The Exorcist on Christmas Day back in 1973 that as history as shown, paid off in spades. Even more remarkable is that despite the deluge of films that were released in the wake of Silence of the Lamb's success (huge box office business and the third film in history to win the quadruple crown of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress at the 1992 Oscars), attempting to emulate (read: rip off) it's formula and generally ride on it's coattails, none of them have come close to achieving the quality and brilliance in Jonathan Demme's magnum opus. All these years later, Silence is still the crowning jewel it always was.

So here's to you Hannibal Lector, Clarice Starling and Buffalo Bill, you crazy cats you.
Happy 20th Anniversary!!!!

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