My Head...Is Not Here

Nor is my mind for that matter. They've been drowned away into oblivion with a heroes helping of cold medicine (that's actually a self-portrait above I took of myself not 5 minutes ago, seriously). Yes, I've managed to get sick again, in what must be some new record I've set for myself in regards to wintertime illness. Though this time, I have a lovely, super considerate friend to thank for the stomach heaving, shit churning occasion. Last week, he who shall remain nameless (hint: he likes to argue about the "artistic merits" of Claudio Fragasso's Monster Dog, which should narrow the list of suspects down to two people...in the whole world), knowingly attended my birthday rendezvous with the flu, and proceeded to eat from the communal tortilla chip bowl at the Mexican restaurant we ate at and talk inches from my face for the majority of the night. No news on whether he spread his plague to the rest of the party guests, but he certainly knocked me up with it. As a result, my husband and I's wedding anniversary was a bust and I've been good for absolutely nothing this week but attempting to keep my eyes open watching scary movies in bed but mostly only succeeding at dozing in and out of restless, NyQuil induced slumber. Which dear readers, really chaps my ass. Twas to be the week when I finally made a go at celebrating Women In Horror Appreciation Month full throttle, something I've been irked about not being able to get to. Between birthdays and anniversaries and work and a host of other things I've been tooling on for the site, it just kept getting pushed back. I'm sorry ladies, you lovely lasses of horror, you deserved much better than this. I'll bend over and take my licks like the insolent, irresponsible chode that I am. I suppose we'll return when my nose isn't leaking all over the keyboard or I'm not coughing up a lung all over the monitor. Until then, feel free to catch up on anything that you may have missed here or visit any of the spectacular blogs linked to the right. Wish me well dear readers, so that I may get back to work at bringing you all the goods.

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