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Glee Does The Super Bowl With Thriller

Say what you will about Fox's runaway smash hit Glee, the award winning, divisive love it or hate musical comedy now well into it's second season. Really, say it. We won't stop you. In fact, we'll most likely agree. A fan of the witty first season, it's all but lost our respect this year due to it's seeming determination to turn itself into nothing but a vehicle to push #1 selling pop songs on iTunes. Oh, and now a clothing line and nail polish (sweet Christ). As is to be expected with a successful cash cow of this magnitude, largely forgotten are the days of character development and story lines (in truth, never one of the show's strong suites to begin with, it excels at snark really). However, if one can see past the auto tune, gimmicks and record sales whoring, there are is still some life in it every now and then (usually in the form of Jane Lynch as ruthless cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester,who when on screen manages to steal 90% of the funny outta everything else on TV). Or, afterlife as was the case last night when Glee's New Directions did a mash-up of Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Off With Their Heads during it's special Super Bowl episode (this being the second instance wherein the show has taken a tentative dip into our genre's pool, having done a specially themed Rocky Horror Picture Show episode last October). As with everything else related to this show's namesake (and as we indicated just seconds ago) you are either going to love this or hate it and frankly, that's just fine with us. Our position? There is always a time and a place for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Thriller? In this life, and the next dear readers.


  1. I stopped watching after the first season. The only reason to watch was Sue. I can't believe how many people purchase the songs from this show. Ugh.

  2. Yeah, it's barely holding my interest this season. The writing has been...atrocious, putting it kindly. Likewise, I watch for Sue.


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