Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Even though honestly I have no idea why I am going out tonight to celebrate the occasion. I look awful in green and I am neither religious nor I am Irish. Though I remain certain that my as of yet unmet second husband, Callum Oisin O'Brian , will be. Possessing not only fiery red, moppy locks but a thick Irish brogue in addition to naturally pale, freckled skin that smells of the sea, seeing as he works on a fishing vessel right off the small, cobblestoned Irish village we reside in and...oh hell, I could go on. Anyway, I suppose I'll be getting wasted tonight for no other reason other than today is (blessedly) the day where it is acceptable to start drinking at 9am. Three cheers to that. We here at The October Country hope you, dear readers, have a happy and safe holiday. Drink responsibly and for fuck's sake get a designated driver.

In personal news, an apology that we've been so bereft of updates this week. The past few days have been spent with my husband and mother-in-law who just concluded her visit with us. It's been three whopping years since Daniel has seen not only her but anyone from his country, friend or family alike. Their parting last night was bittersweet and hard, full of smiles and too many tears. Additionally, the next couple of days are going to be spent being there for him, so we are likely to remain sparse in the posting department but we'll be back in business when things return to normality around here.

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