Dream Cop - Marooned

Wunderkind Dream Cop (aka Tommy Davidson), a Virginia based multi-instrumental outfit, debuted this amazing video not too long ago on de webs and truth dear reader; we here at The October Country have been dying to sing its praise ever since. Blending experimental ambient noise with a lo-fi/shoegazer sensibility, Dream Cop utilizes nearly every warm and fuzzy genre of music that your gets your host's toes tapping and makes his ears melt. The video, directed by Benjamin Brewer, comes across as some sort of darker, fairytale retelling of of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands (itself, a relatively dark fairytale) somehow achieving a perfect balance between absolute beautiful and Troll 2. Rarely do we see such top-notch quality in indie music videos, from impeccable shots to an eerie storyline and some amazing costumes. The haunting song itself, Marooned (off of Dream Cop's debut EP Mango) is still killing it too (this and Beach City / Carol I Know gets played in heavy rotation at the Country's headquarters). His sophomore EP, Basement Tapes, released through Output Noise Records back in December, is also highly recommended.

For more on Dream Cop, you may visit their band page by clicking here.

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