Jogger - Nephicide

How heartening is it when you recognize in some little prepubescent, pint sized terror, a bit of yourself at that tender age? Obsessed with death, destruction, mayhem and a general snubbing of one's nose at the plasticized, bright and shiny environs of suburban life, the two little devils in Jogger's endlessly amusing Nephicide music video, are definitely one of us. If your daily life consisted of all those fake happy smiles, who wouldn't don corpse paint and vomit blood on skaters? Though as a teenager, I didn't personally slather my face in the stuff my attitude and shitty disposition towards that particular world was the same. You just know these two are sitting in the back of a theater screening some horror film they snuck into, smiling in amusement at the dismemberment on screen and that dear readers, lands them squarely in the middle of the The October Country crowd. Nephicide's amazing video is directed by Matthew Robinson, the co-writer and co-directer (along with England's current king of wit Rickey Gervais) of The Invention of Lying, and here Robinson brings the same keen eye for subtle social commentary and explosive dark comedy that he did to that overlooked gem. As for Jogger themselves, Newbandday.com had this to say about them:

"Jogger are Amir Yaghmai and Jonathan Larroquette, from Los Angeles, CA with a sound that is so diverse that at one moment your spacing out to a Ratatat beat, then pulling back your headphones from death metal mayhem then you cruise in for a smooth landing with Erland Oyesque vocals. It’s very good and unique enough to help them rise to the top of the Silver Lakers".

I couldn't agree more or say it better myself, so I won't. Save to say this, this is awesome fucking stuff right here kids!

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