We're Back...I Think

Or, I hope. After an entire month of stops and starts and unexpected delays, The October Country is back in business. I know if one were to look at the amount of posts we've made in March, you'd probably wonder why it is that we're drawing attention to the fact that we haven't been around in a week. Surely, we post more often than some better known, more frequented websites out there and they never feel it's necessary to apologize for their occasional absence. Well, the truth of the matter is that it bugs me. If I had it my way, we'd post 10 -15 articles or items a day. Unfortunately my aspirations for what I want The October Country to be outweighs my ability to realize those goals, currently. Life just has a habit of getting in the way like that. Marriage, work and the unfortunate need for sleep, there is always something. Though occasionally I have help from outside sources every now and then, I am just one guy desiring to do the workload of 10. I've have been asking potentially worthy parties if they might be interested in occasionally contributing to our site and though the response has been positive, their follow through has been...lacking. So we'll see what becomes of additional contributors in the future I guess.

The reason we've been absent this week is because our sole computer caught a nasty virus (Antimalware Doctor) and despite all of our efforts to save it, ultimately we had to completely wipe it clean and start anew. Yes, I'm still fuming. Long gone and lost forever or multitudes of items that I had written or was intending to write about for The October Country. Long gone and lost forever are very important links to information for future posts that I'll likely never track down again, so numerous were their numbers (there were tears). However, we are attempting to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and soldier on. So enough moaning and groaning eh'? On with the show!

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