After All Gale Weathers, You're Such A Complex Character.

Jennifer: "Jese!"
Gale: "What the hell are you doing?"
Jennifer: "Being Gale Weathers! What are you doing?"
Gale: "I am Gale Weathers!"
Jennifer: "Here's how I see it. I've got no house, no bodyguard, no movie and I'm being stalked. Because someone wants to kill me? No, because someone wants to kill you. So, now, starting now, I go where you go. So that if someone wants to kill me, I'll be with you and since they really wanna kill you, they won't kill me, they'll kill you, make sense?"
Gale: "None!"
Jennifer: "You know in the movies, I play you as being much smarter."
Gale: "And as a sane person, for you that must be quite a stretch!"
Jennifer: "That's funny."
Gale: "Ha!"
Jennifer: "Need to get in that building?"
Gale: "Yeah!"
Jennifer: "Is there a story in that building?"

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