The Video Dead

Review - Scream 4

As a prelude to the gargantuan monster that my Scream 4 write-up mutated into, I am choosing to debut a new section here at The October Country, my friends Boner Lee and Amber Atrophy's movie review project, The Video Dead. Theirs is a much more excited, wholly more exuberant reaction to the film than mine and as I have been searching for a moment to bring them into the family's fold, I thought what better time than as an opposing viewpoint (theirs is spoiler free) to my thoughts on the film. You'll be hearing more from these guys over the next few weeks no doubt, as we here at TOC are helpless to resist their good natured banter, their infectious enthusiasm, and those catching smiles ("we went to the mooovies"). They're so cute, you just wanna kiss 'em eh dear readers? (just don't tell them that, because in their words "[They're] your worst nightmare, Butt-horn!") So yeah, adorable horror nerds (and Frank Henenlotter enthusiasts at that, woot), special appearances by the likes of the Fonz, Gary Busey, and Danny Trejo, what more could you want from your fellow fans? Welcome to the twisted family guys!

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