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The Scre4m Art Show

Gearing up their enthusiasm for the impending release of Scream 4, last year between November 1st and November 15th, diehard fans contributed their works of art inspired by Scream, Ghostface and the franchise's film-within-the-film series, Stab, to the Scre4m art show hosted by Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California. Spearheaded by Scream 4 property master, Skip Crank, the gallery hosted the official reception on November 6th. But there wasn't just art being viewed. No, no. Crank had on display for all the eager slasher fans' eyes, props from the 4th film, including but not limited to the Ghostface costume, mask, and other assorted goodies. Unfortunately, seeing as how yours truly is currently stuck in the wilds of America's bible belt, I was unable to attend (as I imagine a great many of you dear readers were unable to as well). But mourn not, below you will select pieces from that very show (some of which you will no doubt recognize in Scream 4 itself, featured in the film's "barn party scene"). No doubt, some works are arguably better than others, but every piece illustrates that there are still amongst us, hardcore Scream fans who love this unique film franchise to their very core. Enjoy!

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