The Countdown Continues...13 Days Until Scream 4

Reboot This! (Part Deux)
Or The Scream 4 Adverts That Should Have Been

Granted I thoroughly appreciate the most recent Scream 4 theatrical poster, what with it's striking homage to John Carpenter's Halloween sales art from 1978; Scream's Ghostface's mask in profile stylishly becoming a knife much like Halloween's seasonal jack-o-lantern morphed into Michael Myers' blade (check it out here). However, as far as successful advertising campaigns are concerned, nothing thus far has beaten these two fan-made posters (by artist PL Boucher) for the most recent sequel. Look closer. What you will see are two works of art that function on so many successful levels at selling the film, it's downright criminal that it would be downright criminal if Dimension Films stole these pieces and used them as their own. First off, much like the the remake trend they are lampooning, the images themselves are reworkings from previously used art (Neve Campbell's face from the front is a nod to both Drew Barrymore's and Jada Pinkett-Smith's turns on the similarly styled Scream and Scream 2 posters). Secondly, the art makes no bones about just what film they are selling (easily recognizable fonts, tagline and Ghostface and Sidney's mugs instantly draw a reflective connection to what has come before). Thirdly, the script that forms the basis of the two main images is a deftly drawn acknowledgement of just what this particular Scream film is all about: remakes. The sheer amount of titles present within the script is also a hilarious indictment (selling the franchise's comedy) of the trend that Scream 4 is about to tear to pieces, perfectly encapsulating the tone and direction of the story. Final verdict? The two most amazing Scream advertisements likely ever committed to poster. Now, I just need two frames.

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