In The Homestretch...7 Days Until Scream 4

Scream 4 Promotion Circuit - The Interviews (Part 1)

Mmmm, deliciously nerdish and yummy Jimmy Kim....I mean....*ahem*....yeah sorry. Anyway, here's Wes Craven appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in promotion of Scream 4. He's brought along with him an extended clip of Aimee Teegarden's character Jenny Randall being taunted by Ghostface. The clip in question, absolutely sizzles for the measly 28 seconds it lasts and not only contributes to my suspicion that they may have done things right this time but also makes me wonder what the chances are that the line "you better start running" will enter the horror genre's vernacular of all time greatest quotes. Chills I tell you. Enjoy dear readers.

Wes Craven on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Part One

Part Two

Mmmmmmm, "snow soup". Wait what? Oh yeah, I mean here is Neve Campbell following up on Wes Craven's visit with Mr. Sexypants Kimmel. Sadly, there is no clip ran in promotion of the film. However, Campbell's easy-breezy presence makes it a rather fetching affair, not to mention making one nearly forget how reluctant she has been over the years to participate any further with the franchise.

Neve Campbell on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Part One

Part Two

Who is this George Stroumboulopoulos guy and why is he championing the slasher genre while simultaneously ribbing the critics that dismiss it? Oh wait I know, he must be awesomesuace incarnate or something. Just a brief excerpt from an apparently longer interview with Neve Campbell (the Jada Pinkett-Smith nugget is nice bit of trivia). Additionally, if there is one thing I love about all the conversations that the cast and crew promoting these films incite with their interviewers, it would be the inevitable trips down horror history lane. In this instance it's Peter Medak's The Changeling (1980, and incidentally one of my husband's favorite scary movies). However, nothing has yet to beat the reminiscences between Drew Barrymore and Rosie O'Donnel way back in the day when O'Donnel still had a successful talk show and Barrymore was making the rounds in promotion of a little-heard of film called Scream. O'Donnel: "Magic is fun, when yer dead." I rest my case.

Neve Campbell on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

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