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Review - Hobo With a Shotgun

Friends of The October Country, Boner Lee and Amber Atrophy return with their latest installment of The Video Dead, offering up their review of Jason Eisener's (he of the legendarily awesome Treevenge short) Hobo With a Shotgun. For the first time, their vote is split on a film and in their analysis of why exactly that is, they formulate an idea of what could possibly make the movie better that is so flippin' awesome, might I suggest that they copyright that shit immediately and get on the horn to Hollywood: a Tom Atkins and Rutger Hauer shotgun showdown (be still my overactive fanboy shorts). Are you listening Mr. Eisener? In fact, lets just call it a day already and title the inevitable sequel Tom Atkins vs. Rutger Hauer: Shotgun Showdown shall we because I've already bought my tickets. Additionally they give your humble host a shout out and make some time to send Kristy Jett's Popcorn re-release project some love (which we just covered here.) Though Amber, in regards to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film being the "only acceptable version", me thinks somebody is gonna get a poo gift basket next Christmas by yours truly (fer shame girl). Additionally they mention that they've been picked up over at Ted Brown's The Liberal Dead, which you may visit here. I guess these guys are really taking off. My suggestion for your next move you two? A horror podcast / radio talk show. If one closes their eyes for a brief moment and listen only to Boner and Amber's voices, you can practically hear them flowing forth from your car speakers on your morning commute to work amirite dear readers? Tom Atkins, Troma and Jeff Zornow...their words melt ya like butter.

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