Scream 4 Review

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Talk about an anti-climax. No, not the movie, our delayed review. We here at The October Country spend two weeks counting down to the release of Scream 4 and then we drag our feet on getting our review posted. I know, I know. Unfortunately, all that every day Scream content took us away from working on other things...such as real work (which is now backed up and behind schedule). So, we're busy spinning plates and juggling with our feet trying to get everything else done around here this weekend, and then, then we are posting our official review. Additionally, I wanted to make time to see Scream 4 one more time before I commit to any final thoughts on the film. I feel like a microcosm of all the critics that have been evenly split right down the middle about the movie. I loved it. I had a blast. However, I have criticisms. Many, many healthy criticisms. It's really rare that I feel the need to re-watch something anymore to fully suss out my feelings about it, as I've usually made up my mind about a film by the time the closing credits initially roll. Not so with Scream 4. I'm not exactly sure what this says about the movie, if anything, other than I really want to get it right before I open my mouth. In the interim dear readers, do I think that you should be making your pilgrimage to cineplexes nationwide to see it this weekend? Absolutely, with no reservations. It's imperfect it is, that Scream 4. But chances are you are gonna leave the theater with a smile on your face and a rejuvenated skip in your step. More to come though, when we get around to posting the review. Till then, get out there and support relatively great horror.

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